Zbornik “The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia: (Post)Socialism and Its Other”

Izdavač Palgrave Macmillan objavio je zbornik o “kulturnom životu kapitalizma u Jugoslaviji i nakon nje” koji su uredile Dijana Jelaca, Maša Kolanović i Danijela Lugarić.





The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia

(Post)Socialism and Its Other



Editors: Jelaca, Dijana, Kolanović, Maša, Lugarić, Danijela (Eds.)






Palgrave Macmillan



Examines the complex and transformative nature of cultural forms that perpetually challenge the capitalism vs. socialism binary in provocative ways that extend beyond the case of Yugoslavia



Brings together leading scholars and emerging stars in the field across disciplines to offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to the experience and legacy of post-socialist issues and culture via a unified theoretical framework



Provides insight to the intricacies of Yugoslavia’s arguably unorthodox form of socialism




About this book



This edited volume explores the cultural life of capitalism during socialist and post-socialist times within the geopolitical context of the former Yugoslavia. Through a variety of cutting edge essays at the intersections of critical cultural studies, material culture, visual culture, neo-Marxist theories and situated critiques of neoliberalism, the volume rethinks the relationship between capitalism and socialism. Rather than treating capitalism and socialism as mutually exclusive systems of political, social and economic order, the volume puts forth the idea that in the context of the former Yugoslavia, they are marked by a mutually intertwined existence not only on the economic level, but also on the level of cultural production and consumption. It argues that culture—although very often treated as secondary in the analyses of either socialism, capitalism or their relationship—has an important role in defining, negotiating, and resisting the social, political and economic values of both systems.






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