Conference: “Serbia in History. Early 21st Century Reflections”

Conference: “Serbia in History. Early 21st Century Reflections”, organized together with Dejan Djokić (Goldsmiths, London), 16-17.03.2017, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


The Year 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of Serbia re-emerging as an independent state. But how much is there a continuity between these different Serbias – the medieval Serb principalities, kingdoms and empires, the nineteenth-century Serbian nation-state and the contemporary Serbian republic, which has emerged out of the collapsing Yugoslav federation? Can we speak of a single, uninterrupted history of Serbia, since the early/late Middle Ages to the present-day? And how much in common does present-day, post-Yugoslav Serbia have with the pre-Yugoslav, pre-First World War Serbian state? To what extent is Serbia’s current predicament – and more broadly that of the former-Yugoslav region – result of historical legacies? Is there something ‘exceptional’ about Serbia’s history which has led the country and the people to where they find themselves today? Can Serbia be understood without its immediate and broader European context? The Lehrstuhl für Südosteuropäische Geschichte, chaired by Prof. Hannes Grandits together with Dr. Dejan Djokić will host a workshop that will bring together some of the leading scholars of Serbia and South-East Europe, from Germany, Britain, France, Russia and Serbia in Spring 2017.


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Keynote lecture Dejan Djokić: “Which Way to the Past? On Problematics of Constructing a History of Serbia”, 16.3.2017, 18.00 Uhr, Unter-den-Linden 6 , Raum 2249 a


Zur Person: Dejan Djokić ist Reader in History und Director des Centre for the Study of the Balkans, Goldsmiths, University of London. Er ist u.a. der Autor von Elusive Compromise. A History of Interwar Yugoslavia (2007), Pašić and Trumbić (2010). In Kürze erscheint A Concise History of Serbia bei Cambridge Univ. Press. In dem Vortrag wird es um Ergebnisse dieser letzten Forschungsarbeit gehen.