Poziv na predavanje: Widows’ Perspectives in Colonial India: Writing the Self

Predavanje će se održati u petak 27. svibnja u 12 sati u C dvorani na Fakultetu političkih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu.


Debates and discussions on Hindu widowhood formed a very crucial component of the colonial as well as the Indian  discourse on progress, community and the nation.


Hindu widows had a seemingly passive role in the making of the legal measures but nevertheless they had a voice. This lecture explores some of these voices which not only resonate with  the Gandhian perspectives  but also represent the feminist and the radical tones. The early twentieth century saw emergence of a Hindi public sphere and public culture of reflecting on the society and nation. Women’s journals mushroomed as a result of this print culture. Although small in numbers, the literate women esp. widows, created a space where they could voice themselves.


I wish to recover these voices. They are not simply the voices of victimhood but also embody a larger feminist perspective on a women’s role and status in the society and women and citizenship.



Dr Jyoti Atwal is Associate Professor at the Centre for Historical Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She engages with issues pertaining to Indian women in the reformist, nationalist and contemporary perspectives; Her recently published is entitled Real and Imagined Widows: Gender Relations in Colonial North India, Delhi: Primus, 2016. Currently she currently at a SPECTRESS Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity Long Room Hub (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland). She is a member of the executive team of the India Studies Centre Cork at University College Cork and a member of the editorial board of Women’s History Review (UK, Routledge).


Izvor: https://www.fpzg.unizg.hr/