Global History, Globally: Research and Practice around the World. Edited by Sven Beckert and Dominic Sachsenmaier

Objavljen je 2018. godine zbornik “Global History, Globally: Research and Practice around the World” s namjerom davanja pregleda stanja s globalnom historijom diljem svijeta, kao pokušaja transnacionaliziranja i globaliziranja naših pogleda na prošlost.



Global History, Globally

Research and Practice around the World


Editor(s): Sven Beckert, Dominic Sachsenmaier


Bloomsbury Academic




About Global History, Globally

In recent years historians in many different parts of the world have sought to transnationalize and globalize their perspectives on the past. Despite all these efforts to gain new global historical visions, however, the debates surrounding this movement have remained rather provincial in scope. Global History, Globally addresses this lacuna by surveying the state of global history in different world regions.

Divided into three distinct but tightly interweaved sections, the book’s chapters provide regional surveys of the practice of global history on all continents, review some of the research in four core fields of global history and consider a number of problems that global historians have contended with in their work. The authors hail from various world regions and are themselves leading global historians. Collectively, they provide an unprecedented survey of what today is the most dynamic field in the discipline of history.

As one of the first books to systematically discuss the international dimensions of global historical scholarship and address a wealth of questions emanating from them, Global History, Globally is a must-read book for all students and scholars of global history.


Table of contents

Introduction: Global History, Globally Sven Beckert (Harvard University, USA) and Dominic Sachsenmaier (Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany)
Part 1: Regions
1. Global History in (Western) Europe: Explorations and Debates Gareth Austin (Cambridge University, UK)
2. Re-presenting Asia on the Global Stage: The Rise of Global History Study in East Asia Qingjia Edward Wang (Beijing University, China/Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey, USA)
3. Latin America and the Caribbean: Traditions of Global History Rafael Marquese and João Paulo Garrido Pimenta (both of University of Sao Paolo, Brazil)
4. African History and Global History: Revisiting Paradigms Omar Gueye (Cheikh Anta Diop, University, Dakar, Senegal)
5. Deconstructing Imperial and National Narratives in Turkey and the Arab Middle East Selcuk Esenbel and Meltem Toksöz (both of Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey)
6. The World History Project: Global History in North American Context Jerry H. Bentley (University of Hawai’i at Manoa, †)
Part 2: Central Themes in Global History
7. New Perspectives on Workers and the History of Work: Global Labor History Andreas Eckert (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany) and Marcel Van der Linden (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
8. Scale, Scope, and Scholarship: Regional Practices and Global Economic Histories Kenneth Pomeranz (University of Chicago, USA)
9. Global Histories of Migration(s): Dialectics and Dialogic of Perspectives and Primacies Amit Mishra (University of Hyderabad, India)
10. The Challenge of the “Global” in Intellectual History Dominic Sachsenmaier (Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany) and Andrew Sartori (New York University, USA)
Part 3: Problems in the Practice of Global History
11. Writing World History in Africa: Conditions, Stakes, and Challenges David Simo (University of Yaounde, Cameroon)
12. World History, Nationally: How Has the National Appropriated the Transnational in East Asian Historiography? Lim Jie-Hyun (Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea)
13. Writing the Globe from the Edges: Approaches to the Making of Global History in Australia Marnie Hughes-Warrington (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
14. Japanese Efforts to Overcome Eurocentric Paradigms in the Study of Global History Shigeru Akita (Osaka University, Japan)



“Bringing together editorial competence in American, Chinese and European history and authors from all parts of the world, this superb collection inaugurates a new phase in the observation of what global historians are actually doing. It takes stock of past achievements, discusses the challenges of the present, and outlines visions for the future. ‘Practice’ here includes the politics of global history in a broad range of regional contexts. No previous book has explained it with greater clarity.” –  Jürgen Osterhammel, Professor of History, University of Konstanz, Germany

“Global history is a great rejuvenator of history; it is also in need of a re-set in these times. This book is indispensable for both. It illuminates the ways in which global history revives the study of the past by transcending methodological nationalism. It also gives readers a plenitude of perspectives and problems on what a global past means. Here is an anthology endowed with a unique ability to motivate our ambitions while reminding us of our limits, to dream globally but with humility.” –  Jeremy Adelman, Henry Charles Lea Professor of History, Princeton University, USA

“Expansive and seemingly unstoppable as it is, global history so far has been a remarkably one-sided affair. While it has incorporated ever more “other” pasts, a true dialogue across continents, languages, and national traditions has not yet emerged. This fascinating collection takes an important stride in that direction, demonstrating forcefully that the “world” does look very different depending on from where we look.” –  Sebastian Conrad, Professor of History, Free University of Berlin, Germany