Todd Shepard: Histories of Masculinity and Sex in Post-Algerian France

U ponedjeljak, 18. ožujka 2019. na Europskom sveučilišnom institutu (EUI) u Firenci Todd Shepard održat će predavanje u kojem će seksualnu revoluciju 1970-ih promatrati u kontekstu dekolonijalizacije, a ne samo američkog i europskog procesa.



In this lecture organized by the Imperial History Working Group, Professor Todd Shepard (John Hopkins University) will discuss the highly sexualized claims about “Arabs” in post-colonial France from the 1970s to the present. Based on his recent work, Shepard will show how the decolonization of France, particularly the end of French rule in Algeria, and the sexual revolution in the 1970s were intrinsically connected. Through processes such as ‘Sexual Orientalism’ and the construction of views on Arab masculinity and sex, a new form of ‘othering’ emerged contrasting with the sexually liberated French. Yet, the sexual liberation movement also had its roots in the worldwide anticolonial movement of the mid-twentieth century, rather than just being an American and European process. In this lecture, Todd Shepard will therefore bring together the intersections between the history of decolonization, the history of sexuality and the history of gender.


This event will take place at Sala del Torrino in Villa Salviati on 18 March 2-4 PM (followed by coffee). The first discussants on Todd Shepard’s lecture will be Kirsten Kamphuis and Armel Campagne.


Furthermore, this event is connected to two other events: a roundtable on postcolonial Europe by EUI researchers on 18 March 4-6 PM in Emeroteca Badia and a book presentation by Todd Shepard at the Florence Intersectionality and Gender Working Group at Scuola Normale Superiore on 19 March 3-5 PM.


We warmly invite you to any of these events


Location: Sala del Torrino , Villa Salviati

Affiliation: Department of History and Civilization

Type: Lecture

Discussant: Kirsten Kamphuis (European University Institute) Armel Campagne (European University Institute)

Organiser: Bastiaan Nugteren (European University Institute) Armel Campagne (European University Institute) Daphné Budasz (European University Institute)

Speaker: Todd Shepard (Johns Hopkins University)