“Balkan Insight” – Goran Hutinec: Croatian Book on Jasenovac Distorts Holocaust History

Povjesničar Goran Hutinec, nakon članka u “Globusu”, objavio je još jedno reagiranje na knjigu Igora Vukića “Radni logor Jasenovac” o kojoj je nedavno nažalost pohvalno pisao čak i “Večernji list”.



Goran Hutinec is an assistant professor at the history department of the Faculty for Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Zagreb.


Croatian Book on Jasenovac Distorts Holocaust History


A new book about Croatia’s WWII Jasenovac concentration camp distorts historical facts to suggest that inmates weren’t interned because they were Jews, Serbs or Roma, and that they weren’t systematically killed.

‘Radni logor Jasenovac’ (‘Jasenovac Labour Camp’), the latest work by Croatian author Igor Vukic on the Croatian World War II concentration camp Jasenovac, published by Naklada Pavicic this year, seems like it is inspired by the publications of established Holocaust deniers.

Instead of studying all the available archival records, testimonies and other publications, Vukic avoids confronting the totality of known information on the Jasenovac concentration camp system, and instead cherry-picks and publishes only carefully selected data which supports his ideologically-motivated agenda – the fabrication that Jasenovac was merely a labour camp where no mass murders took place.

The argumentation and evidence cited by Vukic – who is not a history academic and has no degree or PhD in the field – is incomplete, distorted, and occasionally completely wrong.

The footnoted sources are often lacking important data which makes corroboration of his writing very difficult, if not impossible.

It is no coincidence that there are no peer reviews of Vukic’s book by established scholars as is usually the case with historical works.


Full text: http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/croatian-book-on-jasenovac-distorts-holocaust-history-09-03-2018



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