Catherine Baker, „Race and the Yugoslav region: Postsocialist, post-conflict, postcolonial?“

U travnju 2018. godine izdavač Manchester University Press objavio je knjigu povjesničarke Catherine Baker o politici rase i jugoslavenskoj i postjugoslavenskoj regiji.



Publisher: Manchester University Press


Pages: 256


Published Date: April 2018





This is the first book to situate the territories and collective identities of former Yugoslavia within the politics of race – not just ethnicity – and the history of how ideas of racialised difference have been translated globally. The book connects critical race scholarship, global historical sociologies of ‘race in translation’ and south-east European cultural critique to show that the Yugoslav region is deeply embedded in global formations of race. In doing this, it considers the everyday geopolitical imagination of popular culture; the history of ethnicity, nationhood and migration; transnational formations of race before and during state socialism, including the Non-Aligned Movement; and post-Yugoslav discourses of security, migration, terrorism and international intervention, including the War on Terror and the present refugee crisis.




Catherine Baker is Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History at the University of Hull




Introduction: what does race have to do with the Yugoslav region?

1 Popular music and the ‘cultural archive’

2 Histories of ethnicity, nation and migration

3 Transnational formations of race before and during Yugoslav state socialism

4 Postsocialism, borders, security and race after Yugoslavia